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A knock on the door was what brought Cassidy out of her workaholic stupor. Glancing at the clock and sighing upon realizing it was only three o'clock, she set down her pen and snarled,
"Well, get in here. I don't have all day. I hope you brought all your sympathies and tissues cause I'm fresh out."

What waltzed into her office like he owned the place certainly wasn't expected. Butch smirked, shutting the door behind him with an unnecessary slam that had Cassidy's shoulders raising a tick, only to fall back in a more comfortable manner a split second after. Violet eyes narrowed in suspicion, she addressed him with the usual loving greeting.

"What do you want, limpdick? Because of your tardiness I had to go get my own lunch."

Instead of groveling at her feet like a good boy, Butch smirked and held his palms open in a placating gesture, even adding a little curl of his lips and casual sassy hitch of his shoulders.

“It’s three o’clock. I don’t have any classes scheduled. There’s a distinct lack of young adult crying in a corner about their STDs in here….”

His voice dipped into his Sultry Reserves, rolling into Cassidy’s ears like waves of chocolate. Which is just a nasty an image as his attempt to pull off a sexy face.

“Duly noted, Captain Obvious,” She intervened, cupping her chin in her palm and cocking an eyebrow at him.

She already knew where this was leading, it’d take an idiot with curd-y tits not to, but she liked making him work for it. But, he grinned that grin, all pearly whites [with a clear shot of green…lettuce or something sticking out from his teeth] and dopey poo brown eyes, and purred as he stood before her desk. He slaps his palms on the surface for dramatic effect, even going as far as cocking his hip to one side. Ohh yeah, real sexy. Cassidy didn’t bother to bite back the amused smirk attempting to curl her lips.

“It’s the perfect time to do some extracurricular activities, babe.” For further effect, his arm sensually slid over and swept a couple of papers off the desk and onto the floor below.

“Oh you’re so irresistible, Professor. Take me now,” The blonde deadpanned, though she did rise to her feet and joined him before the desk, if only to move her work to a few choice spots that wouldn’t cause a problem later; paper cuts in awkward places or a mess.

“You’re picking these up later or so help me I’ll shove a stiletto up your ass,” she quipped as she plunked her ass onto the desk, perfectly manicured fingers popping button after button of her crisp white blouse.

“You sure know how to get a guy turned on,” Butch snarked, in complete contrary to his blown pupils and gaze solely and soulfully on the peek of ample bosom from her cutely patterned bra. He was quick to shuck the zipper of his pants [didn’t even get skin caught in the zipper, what a big boy!] and when it seemed he was taking too long, warm fingers found the delicious tease of skin between his shirt and pants, gently skimming his belly, down, down-- his hipbones, and an instinctual roll of his hips before yanking his pants and boxers down around his knees in one fell swoop.

“Someone’s eager for the ol’ Butcher, eh? I don’t blame you, the ladies always are,” Butch breathed, sliding between those legs that went on forever, arms circling around her middle like they belonged there’ like they were meant to be, the tickle of his fingers splaying across her back, lighting fire to the dips in her spine and up, up, to unhook her bra in his own one fell swoop.

“The lesson’s about to start, Cassidy. I know you’ll feel inclined to just lay back because my aura is so overwhelming and sexy, but by all means, hold on for the ride.”

He marvels at the expanse of skin laid out before him— Butch traces the pads of his fingers along her ribcage [oooh, ticklish there, a flush rises to her skin as his smile beams wide along his mouth] and then his lips follow, immediately sucking and biting at her left breast, spurred on by the almost reverent hand at the back of his neck, urging him.

Even though Cassidy is a selfish bitch and a harpie, birthed in a stone, jade, that was sold to a dragon that didn’t want it [a Dratini], she didn’t forget about his needs.

Don’t stop—though you’re about to be crying in a minute—probably won’t even last five,” is sighed into his hair, ruffling it.

“I’ll show you—I’ll show you all! To the whole base, I’m gonna last a whole fifteen—“

Thank God he fixes his bangs or the whole head of hair would be useless. At least there’s his mouth. As a reward, indeed, her hand slips between them to wrap around his cock, and oh, of course he’s already half hard. It’s almost hard [hahaha] to deal with him pressed against her, rocking his hips and mouthing her tits, Cassidy almost feels smothered.

[but on the other hand, his weight is familiar, smell of cheap as sin shampoo and—IS THAT HER CONDITIONER?]

Slick between her fingers, Cassidy grinds up into his thigh, heat boiling over until the point where she aches.

“Where’s all that talk now? You about to cry? Hurry up, Bob—“

The blonde barely hides the smile at the hissed:


But they have to separate for a second, have to bare it, have to even bear it, because there’s no way Butch is not gloving those 8 inches. When she sees the condom, torn from his pockets while his ass was in the air [thank you god for this hammer ass], Cassidy almost had the big one.

“What the hell kind of condoms are those? I thought you said Magneton ones are too tight on your dick.”

In possibly the most romantic gesture of his life, Butch rolls the condom over himself precisely as he touches his lips to Cassidy’s. Her eyes even flutter shut, golden fans against her cheeks.

[“You know, I only kiss boys with my eyes open.”
“Does that mean I’m a man in your eyes?”
“Don’t push it.”]

The back of her knee, sweaty as it is, hooks around his back like they belong there, his own sweat and side-hair aside, and something hot settles in her chest as he looks at her.

“No it’s cause—cause it’s better for locking in and, and aim I guess?”

The best part about Butch is he always makes her laugh. Naturally, its through his own expense, but someone’s got to have a good time.

“What!? What’s it gonna do, magnetize you to find my g-spot? Fat chance and fatter cocks.”

But, but, oh, but when he finally pushes into her, eyes narrowed and a determined twist to the corners of his mouth, she has to kiss him then, just has to. Her body shakes under his in just these moments, the only times Cassidy, the foundation of their team, will allow herself to. In his arms. On this desk.

Not that she’ll ever admit it, not unless she was dying. Never if Butch was dying, he doesn’t need such a big head going into the afterlife.
s for the meat of it? He lasted about fourteen minutes. The condom really was air tight. And Cassidy even kissed him slow and long afterwards.

Of course she also shoved him right onto the floor when the office door opened.
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