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Notes: so most of this i'm happy with because, well, i like it but then i STOPPED and had to continue the next morning and kept getting distracted so it didn't quite have the same feel as earlier in this piece of poo. but i still mostly like it. this is unresponsive!tetsuo verse. also i listened to that fucking wonderwall playlist during a lot of this, amazing

You burn through my mind again and again and again )
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Notes: ahhhhhhhh its late
what the fuck is this
this is awhile after they find tetsuo, like maybe a year and a half. they've been sending eachother signals and being really touchy but no like, outright kisses between K&K and tetsu-chan. he's..........a tittybaby

just one feeling )
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Notes: whew idk idkidk
theres more for this later
like tetsuo fucking....coming to and being angry and terrified and ot3-ing the fuck outta life gradually but not so gradually that they dont notice
so i tried
and i kinda like it

Oh, it was just a glimpse of you, like looking through a window, or a shallow sea )