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Notes: I don't know I wanted...stuff. Haircut feels. Brotherish feels. Whatever
I like to think Dave's hair looks kinda of like
 photo tumblr_n3agy3oRy41rp0bsfo5_250_zps956c989a.gif
I was also torn to make it look like Cain's from Star Fighter.

Soldier on, keep your heart close to the ground )
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Notes: More I guess? TW for my awful attempt at describing wounds and gore. Also this got a lot gayer towards the end but I'm also fond of that.

All this bad blood here, won't you let it dry? )
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Notes: I guess I'm making this in two parts cause it got kinda long....anywho this is more of a narr...ative than a...anything. WHO KNOWs I'm just glad to be done with this thing finally
I hope this doesn't come off as too pinning but

We've got each other in the dark )
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Notes: I fucking hate them
I'll edit this later probably
I hope Dave doesn't sound like Badou

OOooh, ooooh, you got me in the mooood, moooood )
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Notes: I love when me and [personal profile] to_goldly_bo admit to each other weird shit we thought the other would judge us on and things become...things. Like this thing. I've been harboring this pairing since I found out some stuff and so this happened. I actually like it a lot.

You just can't shake the weight of living )