scubatankfilledwithfarts: (literally me and michelle)
first time writing these two like this...i'm still working on the proper voice of it, idk. on the one hand i hate harley vulnerable and hurt like this because i love her so much but on the other hand as powerful and sharp as fuck as she is now, i know it's also just a part of her, a key part of her, to be like that. sooo dicks

I used to have a fear of hurdles, but I got over it. )
scubatankfilledwithfarts: (literally me and michelle)
Notes: this is deff not longer than my dick. There were some interactions, there were tears and screams and fun and bubble baths...
why were Flan + Roxie and Lyra + Silver not present? maybe they didnt move in yet, maybe there were too many dicks on the dance floor, maybe they were born with it
but probably the first and second ones
also ivy wasn't as worried about her plants because she has like 544964 contingency plans

I'll stop the world and melt with u )
scubatankfilledwithfarts: (literally me and michelle)
I'm giving the au............s multiple tags
the apartment one is this tag
the team rocket tag is probably gonna be that or team cocket
and then theres a third situation that escapes me at 7:30am but it'll cum to me

i hate these guys im rusty

Extreme pressure )