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Notes: I think my uterus grew twenty sizes
mrrrr I have many hopes for this...rustiness....not projecting other dickholes...ect

With all of the faces you were the one next to me )
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Notes: HAVEN'T EDITED IT...I MIGHT CHANGE SHIT.........I am so rusty I'M SO SHITTY but we'll see
I'm glad I finally whipped this shit out. It's alright.
Sorry for shitty porn???? Yeah. I need a refresher course.

hold me, wrap me up )
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Notes: Again, I'm no doctor and this is the most cliched piece of garbage
but I kinda really like the beginning

Except today doesn't count, does it? )
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I'm gonna vomit why did I write this it wasn't gonna end up so
well whatever, it's alright, it ain't that vomit inducing.....maybe

You're a bad little love, but you're mine. )
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Notes: Its 7am
this is unedited big time, I'll do it tomorrow
I like it....I missed writing Heine too and yes hes that creepy

Can you make it feel like home if I tell you you're mine? )
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Notes: huuuuuuuuuh its 7am and I dont know if I'm satisfied with this I shouldn't have stalled for so long cause I lost some of the feeling I had but...there's this. I need to get unrusty, a week??? has been too long

I know who I want to take me home. )
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Notes: I don't...know...I wrote this on my phone at 7am after being fixated on...something...

You live life like everyone's an enemy. )
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Summary: James knows how to make it all better, all with a little help from a cute blonde. As usual.
Notes: I don't know. Again. As we all know I'm terrible at writing pornish shit so uh. Yep.

I seem to remember a certain redhead who claimed he didn’t recall the words to Hairspray. What an interesting turn of events. )


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