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remember that brill DOG Solider!James au you came up with [personal profile] to_goldly_bo ? I played around with it a bit in order to suit something that I hope you delight in, I wanted it to be a nice thing for you. I took a lot of fuckin liberties with james' goddamn past, and I'm just guessing his mother was a bit of a fire cracker-- mostly the whole...being an old fuck thing. I'm sure I'll retcon it, but once I started I had trouble not trying to dip into the original verse of...their...themness, completely. So it's a little strange but magic is weird and fate and poop. So to my dear Commodore Boner with love, from the Gingerest of Farts
p.s i dont know anything about you-know-what.
this title is subject to change

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Notes: me and [personal profile] to_goldly_bo did this other AU thing within our AU thing and uh sure, this was a collab, let's call it that as if we actually planned it. This is really fucking long and has a lot of our comments in between and shit so theres a warning, yup
I also plan to continue later tomorrow in a comment...and probably will do that with all of the ones i've left hanging...maybe we'll continue here as something idk

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